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How We Work

Mental-Care Liberia

changing the narrative of mental health in Liberia

Peer Support Group

The group serves as a psychological intervention to bolster social-emotional and sometimes instrumental support that is mutually offered or provided by persons having a mental health condition to others sharing a similar mental health condition.

Education and Awareness

This is a platform that encourages mental health literacy, provides assistance dealing with stigma and addresses mental health related issues associated with activities of daily living.

Innovative Solution

Through our Crisis helpline we connect services users to mental health facilities.


A movement aimed at giving mental illness a voice in Liberia and changing the narrative about mental health by telling new stories and providing information on issues relating to mental health. This is to bring about a desired social or personal change which normalizes mental health conversation. Through advocacy initiatives, we engaged the government and international partners on providing quality mental health care for all.

Targeted Beneficiaries

The growing young men and women, especially high school students: Young people make up a bulk portion of the Liberian population and are the ones most affected. Focusing on them will do a great deal in making the next generation of adults mentally stable. We also work with young women and men who have direct contacts with adolescents and youths.