About Us

    Shinning the Spotlight on
    Mental Illness
    in Liberia.

    Mental Care-Liberia is a non-profit organization created by a team of Liberians with the burning desire to change the narrative of mental health and illness in Liberia. Given our diverse professions, we came together with the realization that we could all help make a difference. We focus on raising awareness on mental health and illness as well as creating a platform to allow mentally challenged young Liberians to talk about their crisis. We also serve as a link We aim to connect service users to mental health professionals.


    Our Mission

    Mental Care-Liberia is a team of Liberians dedicated to positively changing the conversation of Mental Health in Liberia.

    Our team is committed to creating a safe environment for psychological growth and development of young Liberians. We are committed to building strong positive relationships with people affected by mental illnesses while providing them with a platform to openly discuss and address their problems.


    Our Vision

    Through the collaborative efforts of our team, we hope to educate Liberians about mental illness and all its forms. We hope to reach all parts of Liberia with educational and mental health awareness programs while helping young people cope with mental illness, save lives and restore them from the state of depression.

    Core Values:

    ● Open-mindedness
    ● Commitment
    ● Confidentiality
    ● Communication
    ● Compassion


    127 Clay Street,
    Monrovia, Montserrado,

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